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Site Review:

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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again, time to put yet another website under the microscope for analysis. This week it’s, which is an international e-payment site. Think of it as sort of an international version of PayPal. actually offers a wide variety of services including debit

Changes on the Way for SEO Refugee Blog

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Well, after an up and down track record for posting regularity on this blog, several different conversations, and finally listening to the advice I’ve given countless others, we’re going to be making some changes to the SEO Refugee Blog. The biggest, rather than trying to post every day, succeeding

SEO MythBuster Revisited: Inbound Links

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You know how in horror flicks there’s always that point where you think the killer is dead? Just when the main character lets out a sigh of relief, WHAM! The killer springs back into action because apparently the death blow was in fact merely a flesh wound. I’ve always

Top 25 SEO Blogs and Flagship Content

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Even though posting has been a bit light here lately, it looks like some of our prior work has paid off. Daily Blog Tips published their list of the Top 25 SEO blogs and we were fortunate enough to make the list. We rolled in at #24 which, given

Akismet Dropping the Ball?

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I realize when you’ve not updated your blog in quite a while people usually expect your next post to be on topic but hey, since when have we ever done what’s expected of us? lol.. Anyway, I’m wondering if any of our readers have had a problem lately with