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Linkbait (cartoon)

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LinkbaitCheck out the full-size cartoon at the SEO Refugee blog

SEOR’s New Look Blog

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Regular visitors to the SEO Refugee blog will, no doubt, have noticed that something looks different here. For quite a while our home page and blog have needed freshening and it's finally happened. With any luck, we'll apply a similar freshening to the forum in the next month or

Sphagnumbelunx me, please!

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In theory, given enough time, a roomful of monkeys pounding randomly away at keyboards will eventually produce Hamlet. Of course it’s more likely that in significantly less time those same monkeys will discover Amazon, order William Shakespeare: The Complete Works and render the whole experiment pointless. Besides, from what


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Google MonopolyGoogle's trio of billionaire's (Sergey, Brin and CEO Eric Shmidt) make more money than Parker Brothers and they use it to buy up properties like Double-Click, YouTube and - for all I know - Boardwalk and Park Place.

Maybe it’s time to start rooting for Microsoft

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Whew! As a Microphobe in good standing for over two decades, I never thought I’d say that. But the truth is, hating Microsoft just isn’t as much fun as it used to be. The reason is simple. As a web designer and developer, Microsoft and the indignities it inflicts