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Bury me quick I’m an SEO

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Update, Back from the Dead: I haven’t heard anything from Digg but, as mvandemar pointed out in the forum, the searches referenced below now return correct results revealing only about 14 pages of buried SEO stories (of which this post is one). Good to know SEOs aren’t as universally

Health of the Refuge: How Digg helped jump start our forum

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In the first of an occassional series on the State of SEO Refugee I explore the effects of a revitalized blog and recognition from Digg on our site. All the numbers are based upon our Google Analytics reports. Patient is stable and resting comfortably. If this article had been

The Scarlet Letters – an SEO’s Open Letter to Diggers

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Dear Diggers, Actually, I guess I should say, Dear Fellow Diggers, I have to admit it, you’ve hooked me. I now get most of my news and online entertainment from your stories. I even learn things every now and then. Did you know there are now tracking devices the

Digg’s Top User Weighs In on the Removal of “The List”

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By now you’ve probably heard that Digg has removed their “Top Users List.” The list previously ranked every registered Digg user by the number of stories they submitted that reached Digg’s front page. As the popularity of Digg increased, so did the exposure of the users ranked at the

Hacker Issues Another Threat To Digg

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As I reported yesterday, a hacker exploited a weakness in WordPress to redirect, deface, and just generally pwn several tech related websites. However, all of the affected sites shared the same weakness that can be remedied by upgrading to WordPress version 2.0.7. So, is the hacking carnage over? Well