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Maybe it’s time to start rooting for Microsoft

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Whew! As a Microphobe in good standing for over two decades, I never thought I’d say that. But the truth is, hating Microsoft just isn’t as much fun as it used to be. The reason is simple. As a web designer and developer, Microsoft and the indignities it inflicts

Akismet Dropping the Ball?

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I realize when you’ve not updated your blog in quite a while people usually expect your next post to be on topic but hey, since when have we ever done what’s expected of us? lol.. Anyway, I’m wondering if any of our readers have had a problem lately with

Independence Day

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Let Freedom be our Boast, Lest we Forget the Cost… Happy Independence Day everyone!

Spare Change? Ten Adsense Alternatives

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I recently implemented Adsense on a new site and, checking the results, I learned that yesterday I had two clicks for a total of three cents. As it turns out, I also made ten cents yesterday by picking up a dime off the parking lot at McDonalds. So my

After these Messages…. We’ll be Right Back!

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Well ladies and gents, as I lie here on my back kicking myself for mocking my father and his bad back, I figured today would be a perfect day for us to thank our site sponsors. We never started this site to make money, in fact, to be honest