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Gather ’round – It’s a Spam Roast!

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Maybe I’ve been in a very inspired mood lately. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been getting more spam than ever before. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m sick of having my profession and industry sullied by spammers masquerading as SEOs. Maybe I just need another creative outlet. Whatever

20 Lessons of Web Master Life

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Here at SEOrefugee we have a tradition of marking milestone posts by putting in a little bit extra effort. That’s all well and good, but today, one of our members, Big Doug of Branson Critic (, went above and beyond and created a fantastic list of the 20 Lessons

Reminder: Protect and Backup Your Sites!

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With the recent rash of hackings, security is naturally on the minds of a lot of website owners. If nothing else, the hackings yesterday have once again provided us with a reminder that we need to always be vigil about the security (and backups) of our site. Updates to

SEO Sites Targetted by Hacker – Hacked

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Grey Wolf’s site ( has apparently been hacked by a hacker with a serious beef against the SEO community. The site now redirects to the hackers wordpress powered blog with a YouTube video of someone playing with fire. The message that went out via GreyWolf’s RSS feed was this:

Google Analytics Hack – obtaining full referring URL

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Google Analytics don’t report dynamic referring URLs, which can be frustrating when you check your referrers. The only thing your report shows you is something like /forums/viewtopic.php I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve gotten traffic from a forum or the like, without being able to track down