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Google Protecting Privacy of American…. Horses

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It looks like Google has really taken notice of the privacy concerns over their street view pictures… Hat tip to Mr. BabyMan

Lorena “Cutts” Bobbitt

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matt cutts cutsAfter years of hiding, webmasters now know Matt's true identity. More...

Google Pimp Smacks Authority Sites

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As frequent readers of this blog know, there’s no love lost between Google and myself. In my opinion Google has two sets of standards for almost everything they do, kowtowing to big sites, publishers, ad buyers, whatever and pissing all over the little guys. Well, today it appears Google


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Google MonopolyGoogle's trio of billionaire's (Sergey, Brin and CEO Eric Shmidt) make more money than Parker Brothers and they use it to buy up properties like Double-Click, YouTube and - for all I know - Boardwalk and Park Place.

Maybe it’s time to start rooting for Microsoft

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Whew! As a Microphobe in good standing for over two decades, I never thought I’d say that. But the truth is, hating Microsoft just isn’t as much fun as it used to be. The reason is simple. As a web designer and developer, Microsoft and the indignities it inflicts