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Google Breaks Own Guidelines – Sells Links for $1,995

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Google, Google, Google… what am I going to do with you? As most of you know, Google recently updated their Webmaster Guidelines, including a new page on why one should report paid links to Google. The new page included this snippet : However, some SEOs and webmasters engage in

A Glimpse Inside Google

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By now of course the SEO blogs are all buzzing about the New York Times’ article, “Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine.” Nearly every major blog has at least mentioned it and several have analyzed it, tossing their two cents worth out there for us to consume. However, the

Google’s Matt Cutts: Master of Doublespeak

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There’s nothing quite like a healthy dose of BS on a Monday morning to get those blogging juices flowing. In related news, Matt Cutts updated his blog post about paid links on Saturday. Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal have already provided quality overviews of the update, but

Google Telling the Web How To Link… Or Else

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Most of the search world is buzzing about the rumors of a possible Yahoo/Microsoft merger. Obviously such a move would be HUGE news, however, I figure if there is going to actually be fire to go with today’s smoke, I’ll have plenty of time to weigh in and cover