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Google’s Chasing Its Tail

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I’ve already written one rant against Google’s attempt to eradicate paid links. However, as I read Jim Boykin’s “Can Google Find and Spank your Paid Links?” article, I had a bit of an “Ah Hah!” moment. I suddenly realized that Google has embarked down a road that has no

Google Going to be OK?

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Another Update: It’s official! Google has announced that they’ll be putting a $600 Million data center in Pryor, OK. Cutts you know I’m not a fan but you should visit and get Las Fuentes for real. I wouldn’t lie about food ;) Hat tip on this to Roxanne. She

A Timeline of Google Maps

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The Google Maps feature has been gaining more and more prominence as the search giant rumbles down the road of delivering more personalized results. The trend is likely to continue, however, to understand where Google Maps is headed, it would be useful to understand the feature's history. Who better

Overcoming Objections for Google’s Pay-Per-Action

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Google announced today that they will begin testing Pay-Per-Action ads, better known in the webmaster world as Cost Per Action (or CPA) advertising and, in holding true to their oh so obnoxious style, it’s a limited beta test. Two of the industry’s top blogs, Marketing Pilgrim and Search Engine

AdWords Bug Costing Google Millions?

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In case you’ve had your head under a rock for the past couple of days, Google screwed the pooch on their release of the Quality Score (QS) data. Along with releasing the QS, they also sent the minimum bid per click through the roof for thousands, if not millions