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Minimum Bid – $10.00 on Google PPC

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Yes, you read that title correctly. When I logged in to my company’s AdWords account (despite my personal feelings about Google, the company still uses them) today, I was welcomed with this message: 22 keyword(s) are currently inactive for search. These keywords are marked in the Status column of

Google’s “Quality Score” Release NOT About Transparency

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Google created quite a stir last night by announcing their impeding release of their "Quality Score" data for AdWords advertisers. The AdWords blog broke the story and Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim, and Barry Schwartz via Search Engine Land (SEL) quickly followed. Both bloggers apparently spoke to Nick Fox,

Google Analytics: No updates for over 24 hours.

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At least some Google Analytics accounts have not received updates stats for over 24 hours. I’ve felt that analytics was “sluggish” for the past week (see this thread on the forum). A delay of three to five hours isn’t unusual for Analytics (and not too bad for a free

Google’s Matt Cutts: Web Dominatrix

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Well in the spirit of Michael Gray's latest post about Google's Policy on the nofollow tag, and the newly launched I proudly bring you a new SEO Cartoon!

Google Including “Related Searches” In SERPs

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Google has apparently begun offering (or at least testing) a feature to offer “Searches related to…” after their first page of organic listings. It appears to be a feature that only affects fairly broad terms and gives the user an option to narrow their search, presumably if they did