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A Response to Digg Listings in Google Results

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How can Google (and the other search engines) allow Digg (as well as other social bookmarking sites) listings in their search results while still offering the searcher and author maximum benefit? Simple...

More uses for the nofollow tag

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You can comment on this cartoon in the forum…

Google Takes Bribe of $3 Billion!

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Google recently allowed one of its employees to be interviewed regarding click fraud. You can read the exclusive article at the Marketing Pilgrim. Overall the interview is an interesting read if for no other reason than Google rarely talks about click fraud. However, as frequent visitors to this blog

Get ANY Adsense Account Banned

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With the recent rash of Adsense account bannings (discussed here, here, and here, in case you missed it) it’s obvious that anyone can get ANY Adsense account banned. Not just your own, anyone’s. Not only will the account be banned but the publisher will also forfeit

Google’s Evil Secret

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"Don't be evil," Google's informal corporate motto used to be a refreshing breath of fresh air in a scene dominated by lawsuit-riddled Microsoft. Lately however, things have begun to smell. Well, perhaps I can be the one to begin clearing the air. In the next few articles I will