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Skitzzo’s Honeymoon

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10 Rules for Successful Blogging

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With Blogger, WordPress, MySpace, and Facebook, its easier than ever to start your own blog. However, there's nothing easy about creating a GOOD blog. It takes time and effort but I've come up with 10 rules that should make it just a bit easier.

Poker’s Lessons on Affiliate Marketing

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In a recent conversation we stumbled upon a interesting discovery. The critical lessons of Poker, all apply to Affiliate Marketing as well! Now, maybe we're a bit too fond of gambling, and maybe we're over simplifying things a bit, but read through our list of rules and see if

Get ANY Adsense Account Banned

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With the recent rash of Adsense account bannings (discussed here, here, and here, in case you missed it) it’s obvious that anyone can get ANY Adsense account banned. Not just your own, anyone’s. Not only will the account be banned but the publisher will also forfeit

Why we dropped vbSEO

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As you know we recently dropped the use of vbSEO here at SEOrefugee. Since we’ve also been dealing with a major drop in the number of pages indexed by Google, you might assume there’s a connection. That’s not entirely true. We have been looking at a number of scenarios relating