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Why dynamic URL’s are bad

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NOTE: I need to give credit where credit is due. This post was written by Jammer. He had some problems registering with the blog and we are looking into the bugs but he wanted to share this article with you guys. Why dynamic URL’s are bad There’s a lot

What is a Seoarketer?

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What is a Seoarketer? This is my harebrain term for the modern SEO that must have or derive marketing skills in order to be truly effective in the latest battle in competitive optimization (Seoarketer). Simply understanding Search Engine Optimization will not be enough in the very near future (if

Wikipedia and SEO, An interview with Wit

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Understanding, and leveraging, this trusted information source can lead to better SERPs and more traffic for your site. Wikipedia was started in 2001 and has grown to become the largest reference website on the Internet. It is a free-content encyclopedia, collaboratively written by anyone with access to an Internet-connected

Are Local Google, Yahoo, and MSN currently important? If not…what is?

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An escalating amount of news in the search engine industry discusses the growth and importance of local search. The industry and various business commentators have described this as an area with multi-billions of dollars of anticipated growth. I haven’t looked at the numbers recently, but the aggregate estimated value