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How to create a Facebook Account in just few steps

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Facebook Inc advertising business grew at its fastest clip since before the company’s May initial public offering, helping the company’s revenue expand 40 percent to $1.585 billion. REUTERS/Robert Galbraith/Files (UNITED STATES – Tags: BUSINESS LOGO)[/caption] Facebook is now the most popular social media site which connects you with everyone.

Sphagnumbelunx me, please!

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In theory, given enough time, a roomful of monkeys pounding randomly away at keyboards will eventually produce Hamlet. Of course it’s more likely that in significantly less time those same monkeys will discover Amazon, order William Shakespeare: The Complete Works and render the whole experiment pointless. Besides, from what

Unexpected Consequences of Social Media: When Will People Get It?

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When it rains, it pours. On Tuesday, Muhammad Saleem of Pronet Advertising profiled the ill effects of an executive saying a bit too much on the micro-blogging service Twitter. In this unfiltered ‘stream of conscious’ admission, Rubel simply observes that he gets a free subscription to PC Magazine but

Health of the Refuge: How Digg helped jump start our forum

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In the first of an occassional series on the State of SEO Refugee I explore the effects of a revitalized blog and recognition from Digg on our site. All the numbers are based upon our Google Analytics reports. Patient is stable and resting comfortably. If this article had been