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Thread: Anyone else having AdWords woes?

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    Anyone else having AdWords woes?

    Takes 4-5 minutes for the login to happen.

    I click on a campaign link, it brings me back to the login page, and then back to the Campaign Summary (another 4-5 minutes for this, easy).

    I click on the campaign link again, actually get there (3-4 minutes).

    I click on Create New Ad, brings me back to Campaign Summary (3-4 minutes).

    I click on the campaign link, again, and again, it brings me to the Login page, and back to Campaign Summary (4-5 minutes).

    I click on the campaign link again, and it give me this message (2-3 minutes):

    Your billing information is temporarily unavailable.
    At this time, we are unable to provide information regarding your billing information or history on either the Billing Preferences or Billing Summary pages. However, please note that you can still access information unrelated to billing from the menu at the top of any page within your account
    Gee, thanks.

    a) I didn't click on the Billing link, dammit, and
    b) No, I CANNOT get to another page


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    Wow yeah, it's REALLY slow.

    Update: Still waiting....

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    It took a couple extra seconds but I probably wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't looking for it. But their optimization tips are bunk. Same tip 2 months in a row.
    Clue in soon!

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    Beginning of the month is always slow, everyone's logging in to get reports.
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