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Thread: Choice of domain for travel site [SPLIT]

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    Choice of domain for travel site [SPLIT]

    Dear friends,

    I want to buy a domain for my travel site please give me opinion and suggestion which type of domain will be better.
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    It really depends on:
    - what you are going to offer on your website besides travel tickets (general or specific website direction)
    - the spirit/character of the company/site owner
    - your budget

    Technically, I'd aim for a domain with these characteristics, in the relative order of importance:
    - branded: means you can put anything on it, and it'll work (alternatively, very precisely describing what you are offering and why ppl should get it)
    - travel related
    - short (if impossible, consists of 2 words)
    - is a verb or can be used as such

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    if you're selling travel, what are your products?
    Air (coach, business, first class, RTW, multileg, groups), car, accommodation, cruise, tours, adventure travel?

    If you have a content site about travel, what region/topic do you cover?

    You have to give us more info, else this is probably spam, in which case, perhaps I'll just keep rambling on about seo services for travel sites, travel site seo and insert my own keywords so that it might help this forum.

    Did you know I used to sell airline tickets online before I became an seo consultant for another company? For a while I also sold cheap car rental and discount hotels online too. I tried selling cruises, but it was not our core focus and the cruise reservation websites at the time did not have a great fit with our site. Meanwhile back at the ranch, talking about ranches, dude ranches are also quite popular out west. There are a number of travel agents which cater specifically towards package vacations at dude ranches, you may want to check them out. Are you bored yet or shall I keep inserting travel related keywords into this post? ;-)
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    Siteground is what i have seen people who promote travel sites use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moneycms View Post
    Siteground is what i have seen people who promote travel sites use.
    Travel site use is a great one if you really engage to it with ease and comfort .

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    The .fun TLD is ideal for your games, memes, joke, or puzzle sites, as well as anything else you do that brings on the good times. ... You can also use this recognizable domain extension for your business or organization's fun events, services, or employee perks. The choices are endless.
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