Identifying bugs is an important part of mobile app development but what is even more important is finding out the real cause of each error.Echo Innovate IT - iPhone app development company uses the following tools in debugging the bugs in mobile app development


Windows, macOS, Linux
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FlexiHub is an innovative software tool that allows remote debugging of iOS devices. This powerful function can redirect iPhones and iPads over the network to make them available for access from a remote computer, which is extremely helpful during the iOS application development. The software provide secure connections protected with advanced traffic encryption and works across LAN, Ethernet, and the Internet.


Hyperion is a design debugging solution that can be combined into any iOS app. This iOS app development tool sits obviously under your application so that you can easily use it to inspect your program whenever you need it. Hyperion offers three default plugins: the View Inspector to check the properties of any view, the Measurements plugin to measure the distance among two views, and the Slow Animations plugin which allows decreasing animation speed in-app.

iOS Console
This is a free iOS console log viewer for macOS. IOS Console permits you to obtain and view console logs directly from your Mac. The tool shows all information logged by any connected iOS device and, in compare to log viewer integrated into Xcode, supports textual filtering, which makes it simpler to find a specific log message. What is more, you can just add a marker in the console log, and it will become much easier to find your place.


Raygun is an error, crash, and performance monitoring tool that provides a way to see how users are suffering your iOS applications. Raygun is SDK and online service for in-depth error diagnostics, which deals smart grouping and notifications and works alongside your current tools. Once errors are detected, they seem on your dashboard with detailed reports. This helps monitor the user interaction with your app and track issues they’ve tackled within individual sessions.