Any company today, whether it is into selling products, assisting clients in achieving some form of a goal, providing any kind of a service, or offering any information, has already made, or is considering making an app that would be accessible to their customers.
If you are looking to build your app from scratch by yourself, there is an entire range of mobile app development tools available as a part of advanced mobile app technologies.

Appy Pie

The one platform that is the savior of does those who do not know or do not want to deep dive into coding. Appy Pie is a great DIY platform for creating mobile apps that can be published on Google Play, Apple App Store, Windows App Store, or any other store you have in mind.

The best thing about Appy Pie is that you would not have to write even a single line of code, but just click and add features and you can have a customized, unique app ready in a jiffy! One great thing about the platform is that they literally have hundreds of amazing features that you can add to your mobile app, that you build yourself without having to hire an app development agency or invest in hiring an in-house resource.

You would not be burdened with a billion jargons and they have an amazing resource library in their FAQ section and quite an active and rich YouTube channel that keeps you updated with the latest news and views about trends, tips, and tricks to make your app a success.

The platform gives you quite a comprehensive dashboard that lets you in on meaningful data and some great insights. This not only tells you how popular your app is, but also why your audience loves you. It is not enough to just launch an app and forget about it. Analytics would tell you which features, buttons, or elements you need to tweak if you want to engage and retain your app users.

The platform further lets you add monetization feature to your app which means that even if you decide to offer your app to the users for free, you would be able to make some money from it through a number of ways they have to offer you.