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Thread: Got a local business blog--now starting to use the local aspect of social media

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    Got a local business blog--now starting to use the local aspect of social media

    This is more of an intro than anything. I'd love to hear about experiences, thoughts, research, postings, etc.

    One of our businesses and biz websites has been blogging for a while. Its been haphazard and has had minimal success to date.

    We have picked up a variety of search terms specific to the blog content. Some of it is industry wide and some of it is local. We have some industry followers...but not very many. We have an infinitesmal amt of local following to date...virtually no local awareness.

    The additional content is appearing in various terms for search. Some of it could be positive over time as it is developed and further optimized. Some of it is industry wide...and picks up interesting search traffic that might have merit.

    From a business perspective the search traffic that works is that which is local/regional/state oriented. Some of that has resulted in a few extra contacts/coversions and sales. Ultimately of course that is our goal.

    Finally started using social media to spread the word about the blog and the business....to date just a few followers...with a couple of hundred followers of them.....

    Hope that the rest of you have something to add.

    Some of the commentators that follow these occurrances include Mike Blumenthals blog on Google Maps and Yahoo Local- (the world's eye opener to problems at Google groups for business), David Mihm's commentary and blog on things local, seo, etc, a blog on Small business and the web by Matt McGee and his other blog on hyper local blogging.....and many more.

    Frankly please add other resources and comments.


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    Um... what's the question?

    It's Friday. Maybe I'm not thinking well.
    Clue in soon!

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    It wasn't a question, Rand, Dave was simply asking us to give him links to articles, posts or ideas about using social media locally.

    To me, this sounds very much like hyperlocal blogging/news coverage/discussions to be better known locally (and maybe get local links, which work well) or using social media to target general public to gain more links and linking followers.

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    is it all about Geo targeting,,, targeting the people they are most relevant to your website,, and especially the region you are concern with..

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