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Thread: Web Promotion in German

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    Everyone can do SEO for any region. you just have to find the right websites for link building and also Google itself is more knowledge that it can know where that site reside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.N.Onym View Post

    I'm helping a SEO company handle a client, who wants to promote his German website.

    Obviously, German SEOs might be more suited for the job, which I mentioned to the man I talked to, but well, we don't know any suitable German SEO.

    In any case, do you know any German-specific article and press release distribution services? Any other content distribution services that work there?

    Anything else that you might want to say regarding promoting in Germany specifically?

    How about submitting to German Social Bookmarking sites? Example is this site --> http://www.socialbookmarkz.de/anmeldung/

    You can use http://translate.google.com/ to translate the site. Cheers.
    9Dotstrategies is a Web Development Philippines, Digital and Social Media Marketing Company managed by Chief Operations Officer Jonathan Engalla

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