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Thread: Local Search Ranking Factors – What’s Hot for 2019

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    Local Search Ranking Factors – What’s Hot for 2019

    Google’s ranking factors have long been a mystery – they probably keep their list in a secret vault right next to KFC’s secret recipe and the secret ingredient in Coca Cola. But digital marketers don’t give up easily. We weren’t going to sit around, waiting for the day when Google finally decides to share the list with us. We’ve been taking action year after year to find out how to optimize a local business’ online presence – if you want to see how, just request a demo today.

    2019 is no different than years before. We’re hard at work to get businesses found online, which means trial and error. We’re investigating what works for us and what’s worked for others – basically acting as the online version of Sherlock Holmes. Of course, since most keep what works for them extremely private, I can only provide what our years of experience at Advice Local have revealed.

    What We Know About Ranking Factors
    We all know that Google is smart. How smart, you ask? At least as smart as a 5th grader – and getting smarter by the minute. This means the techniques that worked a gazillion years ago – like adding targeted keywords left and right – are no longer working.
    • In 2018, some of the local search ranking factors we focused on included:
    • A claimed and optimized Google My Business listing, complete with Posts, Events, Deals and Photos.
    • Number of quality citations, including vertical-specific local directories.
    • NAP (name, address and phone number) that is consistent throughout directory listings.
    • Real customer reviews and ratings on authoritative sites like Yelp, Amazon or Google, and how the business interacts with them.
    • Strong social signals on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
    • Backlinks from authoritative sites – quality trumps quantity.

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