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Thread: What is HTML5 and CSS3 and why do you need them?

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    What is HTML5 and CSS3 and why do you need them?

    All you really need to know is that these two languages are the basic building blocks of websites. HTML5 is like the foundation and framing used to build a house. It provides web browsers with instructions on how to structure and display content. CSS3, on the other hand is like the details that make a house unique: paint, landscaping, furniture, and art. CSS3 takes care of the overall aesthetics of your website.

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    HTML5 and CSS3 are complementary technologies that aren't terribly useful when not used together. Both are required components of responsive web design. For example, CSS3 provides different layout and aesthetic instructions based on the device accessing a website, so that a website may show or hide certain things if the user is accessing it on an iPhone instead of laptop.

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    HTML gives structure to the page where CSS makes it visually appealing. Both are required for developing web pages.
    Web pages with only HTML & no CSS gives it an unstructured look which could be hard to interpret. Combination of both makes a responsive web page.

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    The HTML5(Hyper text makeup language) is a tag and CSS3(Cascade Style Sheet) is a style sheet but both are not a programming
    language in this two case use to implement a web page. You can use to HTML5 which is provide structure and CSS3 take care of
    presentation both are give proper web page.

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