When the rice and wheat thresher are working, rice and wheat are fed from the feed port. The rice and wheat are impacted in the rotor and drum rotating at high speed, the grain is separated by the sieve hole, and the rice and wheat core are discharged from the tail of the machine. The tuyere is discharged. The feeding inlet is arranged on the upper part of the upper cover of the machine, the wheat stem enters the threshing chamber through the feeding port, and the rotor which is subjected to high-speed rotation in the threshing chamber hits the wheat grain and falls off through the sieve hole, and the feeding inlet has a unique design to prevent or reduce falling off. The wheat grain splash hurts people. In this kind of machine, the efficiency of threshing is determined by the length and diameter of the drum. Users can choose this series of wheat thresher according to their own threshing efficiency. The tamper and casing or spring on the rotor are wearing parts, and the wear should be checked frequently and replaced in time. Ensure that the thresher works properly. The screen is a consumable part. If the screen is damaged, please replace it with a new one.
The threshing shaft used in this machine, the bearing shaft is longer than the shaft of the normal thresher peeling machine, the peeling shaft is made of wear-resistant plastic, only the length of the rubber is 72-75CM, the body is fully painted body, color Stylish and beautiful.
The Newly Designed Model 125 Large Rice and Wheat Thresher mainly consist of a rack, a feed hopper, a drum, and a discharge port. Can be used with the motor! The price is not included in the motor price. The machine adopts thick steel plate, and the peeling and threshing parts can be separated, which greatly reduces the handling weight. The whole machine size is 120 (length) * 75 (width) * 85 (height) cm.
The V-belt of this machine is B-belt. It has changed the previous threshing machine with a type A belt. As we all know, the B-type is thicker, more durable and more expensive than the A-type V-belt. Other buyers are equipped with A-type machine belts, the V-belts are all wearing parts, and the A-type belts are not wear-resistant and extremely vulnerable.
Peeling 5000--8000 spikes; threshing: 3000--6000 kg
The raw material enters the drum chamber through the feed port, and the corn skin is peeled off by the rotation, friction, extrusion, and advancement of the drum body, and the corn husk and the corn cob are automatically discharged from the respective outlets.
After the threshing is finished, the triangle belt is changed to the thresher, and the pellet can be threshed without changing the motor. It is labor-saving, labor-saving, convenient, low in energy consumption, and high in work efficiency. It is not only an ideal labor tool for farmers to be freed from heavy labor but also a good helper for agricultural workers to obtain economic income.