Every season of wheat harvest, rice, and wheat threshers have become a good helper for farmers. However, when using the thresher equipment, in order to protect the personal safety of the operator, it is necessary to use it safely when using the equipment. The following is a brief introduction to the safe use of thresher equipment.
Safe use of the Newly Designed Model 125 Large Rice and Wheat Thresher
(1) Due to the tight work of the thresher and the harsh environment, the personnel who participate in the threshing operation should be educated in safety and operation, so that they can understand the operating procedures and safety common sense. For example, the sleeves should be tight, and masks and protective glasses should be worn.
(2) Before using the thresher, it is necessary to carefully check whether the rotating and swinging parts are flexible and non-collision; check whether the adjusting mechanism is normal and whether the safety facilities are complete and effective; ensure that there is no debris in the machine, and the lubricating parts should be filled with lubricating oil.
(3) Before the threshing machine is turned on, the working site should be cleaned, and some debris not related to threshing should not be placed; children should not be allowed to play on the site to avoid accidents.
(4) When feeding, it should be evenly fed. The wheat should be directly pushed into the drum. It is not allowed to push the wheat into the drum by hand or sputum and other tools; strictly prevent stones, sticks and other hard objects from being fed into the machine.
This product is a small electric threshing and sorting machine for single plant and single ear threshing of rice, wheat, soybean, and other grains. The machine can thresh and clean and separate the grains of 1-6 ears. It can easily open the cover and check the residue, without cleaning the dead angle, completely ensuring no mixing. The machine has the advantages of convenient threshing, small loss, easy cleaning, and light moving. The surface of the machine is treated by integral spray treatment, which has strong corrosion resistance and can meet the requirements of degranulation of individual plants.