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    Newbie here

    But if you decide to do independent searches, then be sure to consider the following factors:

    The presence of state registration. This feature has already been mentioned above, and it is the key. When he is absent, then you are probably fraudsters who seek to profit at someone else's expense;
    In which way do you need to get the money? To a card, apply for a payday loan through electronic payment systems, to a bank account or in cash. When contacting an MFI, you should ask whether such a transfer option is available that you do not need;
    Requirements for the borrower. As a rule, the age should be over 18 years and a citizen’s passport is required. But some loan products are provided only to citizens who have reached the age of 21;
    How fast will the application be reviewed? Registration of the questionnaire in the MFI providing loans online provides that consideration of the application will be completed in a short time. Within 10-15 minutes you will receive an answer.

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