Digital marketing services: SEO is so fateful platform that helps to visible your site in SERP page. SEO gives you the opportunity to grow your business in the online world.
SEO is basically used this two method:
1.On page- On-Page SEO means optimization over your own Website.
2.Off-page-Off-Page SEO means optimization over external websites which links to your Website.

Basic Important On-Page SEO Techniques-

1.Page Titles & Meta Description
2.Internal Links & External Links
3.URL Structure
4.Images & Videos
5.Keyword Density
6.H1, H2, H3, H4, H5,H6
8.XML Sitemap
9.Google Webmaster Tools
10.Broken Link Checker

Off Page SEO Techniques
1.Create Good Content
2.Social Media Engagement
3.Image Submission
4.Video Submission
5.InfoGraphic Submission
6.Link Building
7.404 Error
8.Profile Links