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Thread: Archive.org downloader. Website downloader. CMS converter

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    Archive.org downloader. Website downloader. CMS converter

    https://en.archivarix.com/- Is an online wayback machine downloader,
    website downloader and CMS converter. It works very simple, just enter
    website URL, download options, your e-mail and wait a little bit.
    Content can be downloaded from the system in a zip file and installed
    on your server. For content management, we have developed a free Open
    Source CMS - It is one small PHP file and does not require any
    installation or database. See more detail about CMS here -
    What's the purpose of it? Firstly - to create your PBN with the unique
    content found on the Web Archive. When parsing the site, you can set
    the parameters necessary for the normal use of content as a source of
    traffic and links. Such as deleting all external links and clickable
    contacts, removing counters, advertising and analytics, optimizing
    HTML code and images. Thanks to the Archivarix CMS, you can easily
    manage, search and replace, edit the site with the WYSIWYG editor,
    insert your own TDS scripts. It is also possible to work together with
    any other CMS, for example Wordpress on the same domain.
    Secondly, the system can be used to convert websites created in
    another CMS or in static HTML to Archivarix CMS. It is also possible
    to remove all external scripts, counters and advertisements (for
    example, if the site was on a free hosting).
    The first 200 downloaded files are provided free of charge. The number
    of free downloads is not limited. It means you can restore or download
    for free any number of websites, but within 200 files. Further, the
    price depends on the number of downloaded files, more details here -

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    This is a very useful tool.

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