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Thread: Anyone know about Reach Local?

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    Anyone know about Reach Local?

    I have a friend that is asking and don't know what to tell him. Help is appreciated.
    Clue in soon!

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    Judging by their site, they basically manage PPC campaigns and monitor statistics.

    They also track calls, which is probably the only benefit a non-web-savvy business owner can use.

    I haven't heard of it until you mentioned, but I'd only test them out instead of investing in them completely.

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    Reach Local is one of a variety of local business advertising systems/methods. Its a variation on IYP's...but they do more and they do it a bit differently.

    Check screenwerk.com for further descriptions.

    If its for a local business with a website here are the steps I'd suggest before relying or going for reach local.

    1. Get the local business website optimized for appropriate terms for organic search. (primarily local)
    2. Get the local site to enter their business into the Google Local business center and claim their listing.
    3. Before paying for reach local, spend a 1 time fee for universal business listings UBL-- $30/year. Read about UBL and other local directories here.
    4. Start an inexpensive test google ppc campaign for targeted local phrases. The value is to identify phrases that are most active by searchers. In that way the business person/webmaster can then better target appropriate phrases on which to optimize for. (you can bid $0.05, $0.10, $0.15//whatever for phrases). The best part about that is for roughly no money you will see the phrases that are most often searched on for the business owner's business/products/services.

    Then after having done all that, start looking at things like reach local. There are a couple of variations on advertising milieus like that. The UBL listing will spread the business around in a bunch of directories that might drive traffic. More relevantly the directories will start showing up in the google local business center and assist the business in ranking better for appropriate terms in google maps.

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    So is this reach local a monitoring system/software?

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