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Thread: SEMRUSH: How good is this

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    SEMRUSH: How good is this

    This past January I noticed that seodigger had converted to SEMRUSH, added a lot of different functions and its real functionality was totally paid. Early users of seodigger (like myself) had virtually full usage for free.

    Seodigger was a favorite keyword tool of mine. It allowed one to look not only at your own keywords but at competitors in great depth.

    In January, I whined a bit and spoke well of seodigger and was granted a 1 month promotional usage of the tool. I had hoped to use it extensively and was willing to write about it. Admittedly, I was biased towards the tool, having liked seodigger that much.

    Unfortunately, my promotional period ran out before I got to fully use it (having been busy). So I recently signed up and paid and am giving it the full review.

    I ran it against the website for a small regional business as I had done in January.

    One big problem.

    The number one phrase for the business and its competitors doesn't show in SEMRUSH's data base. This occurred in Jan and it occurred again.

    RUSH uses Google's adwords tool to develop its data base. It claims access to over 25 million keyword phrases and access to over 9 million websites.

    Now the critical keyword phrase shows in Google's adwords tools. Its not a highly used phrase at all. Its local....and its not the world's most popular phrase in general let alone for that market. Yet it shows....and it generates more traffic per big G than some of the other phrases that Rush pulls from its data base.

    I'm a little disturbed by this. I'm going to test RUSH on a bunch of urls and phrases. In this regard though, one area where I was hoping to gain great insights was to look at the site and all related sites and build content that would work.....yet if it leaves out the phrase that this site/business and its critical competitors misses the point.

    Anyone using Rush now? How do you like it? Any comments on its usage?

    I'm going to spend time on it and see what I can come up with in its entirety.

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    SEMrush is a good tool for the keywords research and different statistics related to the website.

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