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Thread: Article Submission and Writing Services - Approved!

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    Article Submission and Writing Services - Approved!

    Hey Everyone. Just wanted to give you a heads up about a service that I've been using that if you're looking to distribute your own articles or have someone write and distribute them for you you've got to talk to Darren Chow!

    Many of you may already know him, hes pretty well known on a couple of the other boards, and has a great reputation. He offers a couple of great services like article distribution, blog posting (his network, not spammy!), and even press release distribution. I really like to use his service to basically use content to promote content. I've done really well with it when it comes to a decent amount of traffic (well worth the money) and the inbound links don't tend to hurt too bad either

    Im going to essentially cut and paste his ad from another board below. Im going to invite him over here so that he can answer anybodies questions as well

    Professional Article Submission Services Now Available!

    Previous client distribution results to 100+ (when the service just started) article directories:


    - Distribute your article to 260+ article directories for $6
    - 3 articles distribution: $16 (Save $2.00)
    - 5 articles distribution: $26 (Save $4.00)
    - 10 articles distribution: $52 (Save $8.00)
    - 20 articles distribution: $108 (Save $12.00)


    - Write 1 unique article for $6

    Sample Articles:
    (same as above links)


    - Write & distribute 1 article: $12
    - Write & distribute 3 articles: $33.00 (Save $3.00)
    - Write & distribute 5 articles: $54.00 (Save $6.00)
    - Write & distribute 10 articles: $108.00 (Save $12.00)
    - Write & distribute 20 articles: $220.00 (Save $20.00)


    Premium members are those who have purchased 20 distribution credits and above. Your account will be upgraded, and the rewrite tool will be available for you to use in your account.

    The rewrite tool uses Macro. So you can save, edit, modify to your heart's content before submitting for distribution.


    - Payment by PayPal.
    - Articles submitted to our account.
    - Your details will be kept on file and you can access your account any time to check your distribution activities.

    If you have any questions, please post here

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    How much traffic do you get from one distributed article and how sticky are those visitors?

    The examples show about 19-30 articles in non-supp Google index. Do you still think it's worth the effort? And why it says 260+ dirs, when much less articles show up in the SERPs ?

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    Where's the information on how to acquire the services?
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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm the founder of an Article Submission Service. I see that there are some concerns, so let's see if I can address them here.

    Quote Originally Posted by A.N.Onym View Post
    How much traffic do you get from one distributed article and how sticky are those visitors?

    The examples show about 19-30 articles in non-supp Google index. Do you still think it's worth the effort? And why it says 260+ dirs, when much less articles show up in the SERPs ?
    We offer Premium distributions now, which includes submission to many high page rank sites like Ezinearticles, Americanchronicle, etc. So I'm going to answer your questions based on Premium submissions.

    The number of visitors you get depends on many factors:

    * How you write the articles.
    * The quality of the articles.
    * What keywords you target (very important).
    * The sites you submit to.

    On average, you can expect 5-10 uniques per month per article. Big deal you say? If you can drive 10 unique visitors to your website in one month, you can ramp up and drive hundreds (and for some, thousands) of visitors to your site with article marketing. In other words, article marketing is a scalable traffic generation technique. It does require some effort, but it has a cumulative effect.

    Use article marketing for long term traffic. The articles that you see in the first post was distributed when the service first launched about 6 months ago. Back then, the service started with just 100 submissions.

    It has now evolved to 300+ submissions.

    Check out these results:

    Article 1

    Article 2
    Article 3

    The above are all premium submissions.

    In this blog post, I write about where your traffic is coming from:]Article Distribution

    In fact, I recently released a real life case study on how to drive traffic with article marketing.

    I started the service to help those who want to succeed. These are people who take the time to do proper research and try things out to find out what works and what doesn't. These are the people I'm looking forward to work with.

    Just ask yourself:

    * Are you open minded enough to try new things?
    * Do you want to rank well in the search engines?
    * Do you want to see how others have succeeded in article marketing?
    * Are you committed to your own success?

    If your answer is yes to all the above, please send me a PM, and I'd be happy to work with you. I give out real life examples of what works and what doesn't work regularly. I put in more than my fair share of effort. But I also want to be sure that only those who deserve it receive the content.

    Oh, and by the way, this article you see...

    "How to Create a Great Color Pencil Drawing" - Google Search

    I used them to promote a little drawing website that I own. I run it as a hobby. And I'm still making sales a year later. I see the checks coming in, so I know article marketing works. And if you are new to article marketing, just take my word for it at this moment (until you see the results for yourself), and don't anyone else tell you otherwise. The traffic is real, the checks are real, and the money is real.

    So if you are confused as to how to make this work, send me a PM. I'll see if I can help.

    AND if you become a paying customer, I'll send you the link to the SEO case study immediately. You'll see how I use article marketing to grab the number 1 spot in Google in 4 weeks. Undeniable proof that article marketing works.

    Thanks for reading.

    Darren Chow
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    Thanks for the info everybody. But whats the maximum possible rank you can get by doing directory entries?

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    info good thanks

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