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Thread: IM Experience of a Neophyte

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    IM Experience of a Neophyte

    I just want to share something. When I'm new in my job, I have to learn all the internet marketing stuffs. That's not my forte. Because I'm not a marketing graduate nor an information technologist. Learning IM gave me a hard time. I was given some modules to read and to learn. It's not very easy. Then I'm attending forums to get some idea and even learn new things. There were times that I am being ridiculed for being a beginner and even mocked me for not knowing marketing strategies. Hello! I'm still learning. And very willing to learn the unlearn. It's just that as a beginner I also need some helping hand. I did get an internet marketing job to have a working experience and to prove myself that I can go out of my comfort zone. Sometimes, there are people who always thought that they new all things but the fact is they were just trying hard.

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