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Thread: High Quality Links Bulk, Any PR, Any Thematics

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    High Quality Links Bulk, Any PR, Any Thematics

    Dear members of Seo Refugee,
    If you read this thread you must be:

    1. Tired of buying links that have little or no SEO value;
    2. Bored by hours and days spent in an attempt to find a good domain from thousands of fake, spammy, or penalised websites
    3. Fed up seeing bad neighbours on those websites you have recently purchased a link from

    What we offer:
    1. Tons of real-PR high-quality thematic links from websites with traffic practically in any niche
    2. Fair pricing and special terms for wholesale or long-term buyers (please note that fair pricing means fair and not free)
    3. Payment after the link is live (valid starting from the second purchase)
    4. Money back guarantee if the link is removed before pre-paid term ends
    5. No or a few double-checked similar niche neighbours

    Website's Quality:
    1. No spammy, hacked, penalised websites
    2. No artificial links with fake parameters
    3. No javascript or hidden links
    4. No link mills or link networks
    5. No pills, casino, fake closing, and other spammy neighbours
    6. No other bad features and parameters, which we do not want to disclose publicly

    Special Terms:
    We will sell 5 links to first 5 users (one per each) HALF PRICE for a truthful review.

    If you would like to discuss the terms, please send a private message, shoot us an email to sales [@] cyberjam.biz.
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    Come on my Seo Refugee friends!
    I'm still have a lot of links for you!
    Be careful it is NOT a blog network.

    Really good ones, with great discounts.
    You need to try!
    I'm dealing with my own and partner sites!
    It's good home page and site wide links with PR 3+, high DA and low obl.
    Also have good sites for budget buyers!
    Let's work together!

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