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Thread: What is the advantage and disadvantage - Digital Marketing

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    What is the advantage and disadvantage - Digital Marketing

    What is the biggest advantages and disadvantages of creating ad in google?

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    Biggest advantage is if your prepared to pay the price you go to the top of the Google listings

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    Advantages of Google Adwords include:

    1. Reach. Adwords claims that about 80% of internet users alone and uncountable browsers abroad can be reached through its advertising on the Google Search Engine. This is a powerful advantage when on a budget but need to reach as many people as possible to get the fastest returns.

    2. Cost. The cost of using Adwords is, in a word, manageable. Cost is a primary concern for companies, and here Google’s strategy makes it easy for the user to control their costs. Google only charges clients of Adwords for every click on the client website. There is no minimum cost for usage and the client can specify how much their budget is per day between 1 US cent to $100 dollars per click.

    3. Timing. Google Adwords places the advertiser in the right place at the right time. The customer is on Google looking for something to answer a question or to find out something about an item. This places the browser in a mood that is open to selling offers. Adverts are where selling decisions are constantly being made.

    Disadvantages of using Adwords may include:

    1. Every click to the company website is a charge to the company – even if the visitor makes a purchase or not from the site. Depending on the product, sometimes your visitors can be varied ranging from your competition to researchers, to kids having a ball.

    2. Failure to make payments for Adwords can immediately remove your presence from Google.

    3. No competitor data comparison is shared by Google Adwords. As a company policy, Google does not disclose the performance of other companies that may have the same service or product as yours.

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    Digital marketing can be a great way to increase your brands' visibility but it can also manipulate search engine rules.

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    There are many advantages of digital marketing, including:

    1. It's more affordable to deploy than traditional marketing and advertising
    2. Digital marketing goes from planning to execution more quickly.
    3. Digital marketing gives fans/viewers/readers a chance to share your content.
    4. Digital marketing campaigns are easier to attach to other campaigns.
    5. Digital marketing campaigns have longer shelf lives.
    6. It's easier to change or stop a digital marketing campaign after it starts.
    7. Digital marketing gives the brand more time and space to tell its story.

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    Google adword is the best way to improve your sale but you have to bid on price to be appeared in the search result.

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