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Thread: Why my website cant beat the competitor?

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    Google wants to see websites that load very quickly.

    Prof.stan is on the right track, your media files - images are slowing you down. They also have no Alt tags information, it is vital you input the information. You have far too many CSS and Javascripts, these need time to load along with your images. Your server is letting you down, it is only 39 percent active. Currently your website takes nearly 13 seconds to load, Google wants to see at least under 0.5 seconds.

    Hope this looks you get ahead.

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    You need to do the following;
    -Keep the load time to under two seconds by adding small sized images, reducing slides,
    effects and custom fonts and by using a reliable and good web hosting provider.
    -Write quality content
    -Write readable fonts
    -Avoid Auto play Videos and Advertisements

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