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Thread: Please Review my site http://www.thehandymanperth.com.au

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    Cool Please Review my site http://www.thehandymanperth.com.au

    Hey Guys, I have a website: thehandymanperth.com.au
    I do local lead generation and this is my first website i have created so far! The aim of the game is to bring everyone in Perth Australia that needs a handyman to my website. Then from there they fill in the details or call my number, and those leads go straight to the Handyman business ive partnered with.
    like i said it my first attempt so be god to see what i could do better


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    Bringing your business online, the first thing one must do before using SEO or anything else is find a fast loading server based in your country, so if your business is in Oz then your server must be in Oz ((your Server location: United States)) and the servers uptime has to be better than 99.9%, if not look elsewhere. I was lucky about 15 years ago, just went blind, but my servers are fast loading and are based in UK, the uptime is better than 99.9 percent, phew!

    Does your website work without //cdn2.editmysite.com/js/site/main.js?buildTime=1485991788
    Content Type: application/x-javascript – Size: 124.23KB ?

    You have 6 javascripts that needs to load fast, and 8 CSS also, why?

    Have you acquired a FREE template website? I think you have, bad move because of this area, it's too large.

    With FREE TEMPLATES you have to know what you are doing.

    You are in Oz Perth, your server is in the USA, move it to Oz for faster loading.
    Your title is "Home Maintenance service Perth - HandyMan Perth"

    Do you know that there is a "Perth" in the UK. Is there one in USA maybe. You just might get an enquiry from someone in Perth, Scotland?

    better to use in title - Painting, Decorating, plumbing, carpentry, Perth, Australia.

    This is retuning your brain thoughts.

    all the best.
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