I have never heard before that ordinary calculators could somehow help websites. And literally in the week I began to read articles on this topic, and as it turned out now, many who have their own websites put calculators on their websites.

Previously, too, they always stood on sites, but now there is just some unusual demand for them. A friend is engaged in the development of sites and asked him. So he told me that this is supposedly a new trend in website building. To him and his friends, who are also doing something on the sites there, customers began to go not only for sites, but also for assembling calculators. My acquaintance said that someone is richer and the dates are not too tight, then almost entire calculator-configurators with detailed TK are ordered.

Can you share the experience, why calculators have become popular and are they really useful for websites? Do calculators help improve SEO? What are you doing calculators through? Thank you in advance!