The web applications cannot be restrained as they would also play a crucial role in generating more traffic towards your business.

The Category of Web-Based Applications

We are here to throw some considerable light on the cost of developing a web app. But you should be aware of the different types of web-based projects, which summarily is categorized into four categories:

1. Basic Web Apps

As the name suggests, these apps are the entry level sites having the typical features and functionalities. They have simple landing pages with least content. Their UI is also quite straightforward and takes less time for development; about a month. The cost would differ according to the project.

2. Pro-Level

These web apps are more communicating and offer much more features to get developed capably. Yes, it’s true that you can even place someone as e-commerce web apps within this category.

The difficulty level is moderate where a developer also needs to generate a prototype for various small business groups and multi-functional Internet portals. The development time is three months.

3. The Complicated Projects

The third group is the complex projects where the web apps tend to get customized as per the project requirements. It also comprises of a unique Content Management System (CMS) platform along with intuitive UI and UX design techniques.

This type of web app primarily focuses on steadying the project and automating the business process. The time frame for complex projects is slated to be around six months.

4. Corporation

The clientele of these types of web apps are basically the corporate houses and big enterprises who are ready to invest a good sum of money and time for the development of such apps.