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Thread: Outsourcing challenges

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    Outsourcing challenges

    The challenges that organizations come across while outsourcing web development vary from project to project. However, some of the common challenges that most organizations may encounter are mainly around differences in time zone, communication gap, integration with the legacy system, compromised user experience, security gaps & more.

    Delivery processes -
    Companies that are outsource app development needs to offshore partners often face challenges with the delivery processes of their partner. Offshore web and mobile application development companies in India have started understanding the importance of mature delivery processes and started leveraging DevOps to automate delivery pipeline and adapt to a lean and agile mindset.

    Vulnerability threats and Security concerns - Security is a significant area of concern and is often compromised owing to breach of customer or partner data. Customers outsourcing their development require a trusted partner than a vendor that can test all the vulnerabilities, detect them early and ensure that the product is bulletproof and secure.
    Lack of trust - Web and mobile development companies in India often face trust issues with their global customers. The trust issues arise on account of communication gaps, delayed project delivery, lack of visibility and many other factors. A good offshore partner takes into account all these considerations and offers seamless visibility and progress tracking to customers.

    Requirement understanding and discovery -
    It is crucial for offshore web Development Company to understand the requirements precisely and discover the project scope ab initio. If project deliverables aren’t clear, there will be gaps and misunderstanding going forward. All the requirements should be gathered and documented by the offshore partner and agreed upon by the customer before kicking off the project. Changes in the scope of work as the project evolves should be also communicated in written.

    Communication and time zone differences -
    Lack of appropriate communication and coordination between distributed teams leads to delayed project delivery. At times, time zone differences may add to the hassle & cause redundancy and wasting time and resources.
    Feedback incorporation - Feedback requests are often not incorporated during the course of the development, increasing the time to delivery. Agile methodology helps to remain iterative across the product lifecycle.

    Lack of Visibility & Transparency - At times, offshore partners do not have the right project management tools thereby lacking visibility and clarity. It becomes difficult for clients to estimate the delivery timelines, track bugs and raise requests. It is important for offshore web development companies to provide progress notifications to customers. Lack of visibility and lack of transparency often creates mistrust. Some offshore web development companies in India also provide a cost sheet to clients so that man-hours of resources are tracked transparently.

    Obligation and long term contractual needs - Some outsourcing web development companies try to engage the client into long term contracts from the initial stage, leaving them with little choice to change their offshore partner in case of issues with the partner’s approach. Such contracts may also hamper flexibility and ability to adapt project with time

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    I bet there was someone with a vested interest in the outsourcing working out - probably a fat bonus if they could reliably cut costs. They probably handed over a copy to speed them along by giving them something to crib off of; handing back the exact drawings was just sloppiness. I know a company who provide a lot of information in the outsourcing area https://elogic.co/blog/magento-commu...on-comparison/

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