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Thread: Mobile App Development Tools

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    Mobile App Development Tools

    1. Sencha:

    Sencha Ext JS is an MVC-based JavaScript framework. This mobile app development tool provides a high level of responsiveness for the apps. It helps to increase the customer satisfaction.


    1. Developers can code in HTML5 format using Sencha touch software development set up
    2. Its code can be translated with the aid of another tool like Telephone Distance
    3. It is a useful tool for developing native programs without need of wasting whenever on setup
    4. It truly is currently supported on World Wide Web Kit browsers, including the popular Apple iOS and Google An♪♪♪♪♪ websites
    5. Rationalized Configuration Program
    6. Allows to scale to various resolutions for maximum compatibility with different devices
    7. Wide support for animations and increased touch events

    2. Kendo UI:

    Kendo UI is an end-to-end mobile app development solution for modern client-side development. It follows modern web standards by providing highly modular app development solutions.


    1. It works effortlessly with AngularJS
    2. Build cross-platform web applications. This can be custom-made for user's screen size on desktop, tablet, and mobile phone
    3. It is the easiest tool for virtually any JavaScript developer to get began
    4. Allows jQuery Info Source component for easy data-binding for local and remote data

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    Do you have free applications for analyzing the number of downloads of applications in the Apple Store? I found only for each day and not for a month.

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