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Thread: Link Management tool?

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    Link Management tool?

    I need to manage our company websites (only 3), and I am looking for tools to help me out. I am a programmer in my day job, so this is just a bit of extra work, not my full time job.

    I have looked at tools like WebCEO and WeblinkSEO and like the concept of this sort of tool.

    I am beginning to get the idea that a Link Management tool is essential. ie I want to find sites that can swap links with me, and I want some sort of management tool to manage these links. By manage I mean
    - find likely link partners
    - keep track of whom I contact (ie emails, etc)
    - generate link pages on my site (and upload them?)

    WeblinkSEO does this, but I am not too happy with the other functions of this program. For the other functions I prefer WebCEO.

    I was wondering if -
    1. I am focusing too much attention on this link management function? I see very little mention of it in these forums. Well, there is a whole forum on this topic - but little mention of tools.

    2. perhaps I should look for a specialised tool in each of the SEO areas. Does anyone know of a good Link Management tool?

    If anyone can mention their favourite tools, I would very much appreciate it.

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    Try Link Metro's advanced users system. It's easy to use, can be customized to your own site(s), and allows you to manage links quickly.
    God knows where you are, but Google may not. SEO is the key that unlocks search engine success (and a plugin isn't enough).

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    I would recommend the 2 tools below :-

    1) SEO Elite @ http://www.seoelite.com/

    2) Jvw PR finder @ http://www.jvwinc.com/jvwpr.html

    Regards/Puneet M.

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    Link Prospector.
    Pitchbox. Use workflows that walk you through the outreach process.
    Majestic SEO. Link analysis on a budget.
    Hunter.io. Find accurate contact information in seconds.
    Monitor Backlinks. A backlink tool for people new to SEO.

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