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Thread: Tips for getting your Site Review (please read first)

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    Tips for getting your Site Review (please read first)

    Welcome to the Free Site Review section. Feel free to submit your site for review, however, you should read these tips first. By following these tips, you will allow the members here to give you the highest quality review and hopefully answer any questions you might have and a few you probably hadn't even thought of yet. Anyway, here they are:

    Quote Originally Posted by eKstreme
    So you want your site reviewed? You've come to the right place! To help you get a better review, and to help us give you better comments, here are some hints for asking for a review.
    • Tell us the URL, both in the title and in the post's body. This may seem obvious, but sometimes people forget.
    • If there is something you would like us to focus on, point it out. Examples:
      • Does the navigation bar work at the top?
      • The adverts are not getting clicked. What's wrong?
      • Is this site good enough to sell? That is, can it convert visitors to customers?
      • How do you rate the website's usability and accessibility?
      • How does the site look in other browsers?
    • Come back to read the replies. Don't run away after you ask for a review. We might want to ask you some more questions to clarify a problem to help you solve it. Also, it's rude if you just leave!
    • Tell us about your site. Are you trying to sell stuff or is more of an informational site? Do you use a content management system (CMS)? If so, which one? We don't need a long description of the site - maybe a couple of sentences.
    • Make sure your site is ready for us to review. We can help "beta test" new sites, but please have something worth testing. You will not get good feedback on a site that only says "coming soon"!
    • Be nice! We're all busy here and we're doing this for free. You may not like what we say, but no need to be rude. Don't forget to thank the people who gave you feedback.
    • Engage with the reviewers. We give you comments, ask questions, etc. You should jump in and interact with us. Tell us if something we've suggested cannot happen (and why!), or tell us if you like some of our ideas. If you see us debating a single point and you want us to look at other things... tell us. A good review is a conversation, and you are the star of it.
    • If you like someone's suggestion, implement it and come back to ask for another review. No need to start a new thread - just post back in your original thread.
    • Tell us about your skills. Don't know your PHP from your .htaccess? That's OK, but it's good to tell us what level you are at. We were all beginners at some point, so it's no shame saying "hey, this is my first site and I know very little".
    • Stay at SEO Refugee. Read more posts, learn from them, and contribute. A forum is a community, and you're a welcome part of it!
    P.S. Thanks eKstreme for typing those out for us!
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