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Thread: Whatcha think? industrial-maid.com

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    Whatcha think? industrial-maid.com

    This makes me really nervous. I am totally new at this and trying to learn what I can on my own. Some days my head spins from the wealth of information that is out there.

    We are a relatively new company, manufacturing equipment. I do know that I have a lot of work to do on links and content.

    Be gentle.

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    Don't be nervous... it will hurt a bit, but it's for a good cause.

    Your home <title> sound more like a description and it's too long. If you target too many keywords with a page, you'll end up deep for all of them... be more focused on your very hard key on home. The big list of states at the bottom shows the intent.

    You do not really use <h1> tags or any lower ones... it's a good idea to use them.
    Disclaimer : My posts on SEO are just from my observations and I do not say it is a true fact... A real fact of life is that, I'm often wrong...

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    First, welcome!

    Here's my thoughts (more designthan seo):

    The horizontal navigation menu on the home page is almost hidden and won't be in the first screen of a laptop. Move it up and make it more prominent.

    I also found a few pages like this one: http://industrial-maid.com/applicationguidelines.htm without any navigation. That's not a good idea for useablity.

    Personally I don't like underlined text that isn't a link (I confuse easily)

    And, I see two or three different pages designs but can figure out the reason for the changes. It's especially disconcerting when the navigation moves.

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