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Thread: Entering the SEO game

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    Entering the SEO game

    Hello All...

    I've decided to offer my services as an seo and I've written my first article. I would very much appreciate a review of the article rather than a review of the site.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Your feedback would help me out a lot since I'm fairly skeptical about offering seo services in general. I would much rather call it hard work and common sense... but people don't seem to understand that nowadays...
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    really? I could have swore I read the rules and I did not see that... sorry I visit so many forums that it is hard to keep pace with all of the different rules... clearly I am a human though... I do not understand why some people insist that links should not be a part of the internet experience...

    Sorry... just venting... I understand... I will post around some more and then add the link back... if this is problematic please let me know and I won't...

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    That's fine

    We like to link out, but we have to have this rule to be able to toss spammers out. And we have to enforce it on everyone (including decent members) just to be fair.

    Cheers, have fun, and welcome BTW

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    Red face

    Well at least you didn't ban me... I really hate getting banned the second I walk into a forum... it's good to be here, I will try to play fair... added it back... I posted more than five... please don't ban me...

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    Welcome. The article is pretty good but it could use another round or two of editing.

    First it needs a stronger opening. What SEO can do for a site's traffic rather than what it is.

    Second, it's long which isn't a problem if it's tightly written and your drawn through the copy. But it gets a bit dry in the middle and you're going to lose a lot of readers.

    The article seems targeted to someone who is unfamiliar with SEO and generally you keep it simple and non-technical. But occasionally you throw in terms like page rank, robots file, etc. that the owner of a site (not necessarily the person who created it) probably won't understand.

    "The internet is still in it’s infancy" just isn't true. It's growing, changing, evolving but so are teenagers.

    The link equity stuff wasn't very clear. You say it's misunderstood but you don't really clarify it.

    The free technical assessment is a good idea but the offer is buried at the bottom of the page. I'd put some kind FREE PAGE ASSESSMENT graphic at the top of the article and link it to the form,

    I'd probably include "free page assessment" in the title.

    Can you add any images or graphics to break up all the text? Even a chart from Google Analytics would help.

    Well, that's enough to get you started. Hope we continue to see you around.

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    Those are some excellent suggestions... this may have just destroyed my weekend....

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    This might stray off topic slightly... But while reading through the seo blogs... I sort of realized that I'm pitching theory to those who want results rather than to be educated...

    I saw this pitch... thought it was really good... Thought it would be worth to post here...


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    Firstly, well done on bitting the bullet and getting yourself out there ... it's tough in the beginning but if you put in the hard yards your bound for rewards.

    The site looks good by the way, nice effort.

    Onto the article ... it's good, but I don't think that it would engage prospects well. You need to write something more engaging and something that won't bore the average business owner to death.

    Agreeing with pops, you really need something more bolder and stronger with the opening - quickly get the message across of what SEO and more importantly, what you can do for the prospect's business.

    Prospects don't want to know the mechanics of something like SEO, well most of them, because most of them will find it boring. They want to know whats in it for them and what it will do for their business if used correctly.

    Try cutting the text down a little too, cap it off at around a page or a page and a half.

    Well got some work to do, so might add some more points later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMagoo View Post
    I sort of realized that I'm pitching theory to those who want results rather than to be educated...
    Not sure how I missed this thread the first time around but... Anyway, that's a good realization to come to. In my experience, most people don't really care HOW we do what we do, as long as they see their site at the top of the searches they think they should be showing for.

    Now, for your own sanity, you might want to educate them a bit once you've got a dialog going so they don't expect results in the first week, that sort of thing. But as I said, that can come down the road a bit.

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