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    For example, you check your stats and see this:
    sonoma birding 1234
    bird food 1100
    california birding 700
    sonoma wineries 650
    wildelife birding 500

    It'd take you a while to look through the whole list of keywords, sorted by the number of clicks to your site from the SERPs, to find related key phrases.

    What Dave is talking about is that you sort the list alphabetically and get something like:
    sonoma birding 1250
    sonoma wineries 650
    sonoma birding advice 400
    sonoma bird food 200
    sonoma birders 50
    sonoma birding association 5

    This way, you not only find related phrases, but also find what interests people about a certain topic, e.g. sonoma or sonoma birding, if you have a large batch of key phrases to sort through.

    Also, as you look for phrases related to "sonoma birding" and "birding sonoma", which may seem similar, you will find that they may attract different audience, target and respond to different needs. For example, a searcher for 'sonoma birding' is looking for a place or a contact to bird in Sonoma and 'birding sonoma' birder is just looking for specific information about birding in Sonoma.

    By the way. I still think that my method is better than simple alphabetical sorting, because, when you scan the phrase list for related phrases, you check not only phrases that start from the same letter/word, but that contain the phrase/word.

    To collect such an information by sorting the list alphabetically, you'd have to force the keyphrases to sort words within phrases alphabetically and only then sort the phrases alphabetically.

    But then, you'd lose the aspect of intent of the searcher, more or less, as I have demonstrated above.

    Possibly, another way to overcome this restriction, is to get more lists with phrases, sorted by one word, for example:

    1st group
    sonoma birding
    sonoma bird houses
    sonoma bird food

    2nd group
    birding sonoma
    bird houses los angeles
    bird food california

    Then again, we lose the long tail variants of phrases that we wanted to catch, because you'll still need to look at the single list of phrases, be it sorted alphabetically or not.

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