In quality and price, best watercolor paint brushes can range from those in a sealed bargain package of maybe five, hanging on the aisle-end at your national chain hobby store up to those boasting a royal seal of approval like, "By command, to her Majesty, the Queen". (Famously, Queen Victoria ordered from Winsor & Newton what would become her favorite size 7 in the Series 7 line of Kolinsky red sable rounds.) The former choice could serve, for a short time, at cleaning a child's boots in your mudroom. The latter might be framed proudly on your studio wall. In between you'll find a wide choice of more than just serviceable brushes, by recognized fine brands. Some of these brands are: Winsor & Newton Series 7, Isabey, Rafael, Arches, Escoda, Pro Arte and others. Lesser, yet still quite serviceable lines include: Winsor & Newton Series 666, Princeton and Grumbacher. I recommend buying a good brand. Avoid those bargain packages of several; they'll perform so badly in practice and durability that you will be very discouraged. I have some of each brand mentioned and enjoy each brush. And yes, I have purchased cheapo brushes in the past... and had to throw them out.