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Another Update: It’s official! Google has announced that they’ll be putting a $600 Million data center in Pryor, OK. Cutts you know I’m not a fan but you should visit and get Las Fuentes for real. I wouldn’t lie about food ;) Hat tip on this to Roxanne. She didn’t leave a site for me to link to.

Update: Search Engine Land is now covering this story. It looks more and more likely that the big G will be calling Pryor, OK one of its many homes.

It’s not often that my time spent in Oklahoma helps me when writing for this blog, so when it happens I’ve got to call attention to it. According to one of the local news channels’ website, Google could be behind the large new plant (perhaps a data center?) going into the busy metropolis of Pryor, Oklahoma (a town I’m not even sure shows up on Google Maps).

For those of you not familiar with the state I lovingly call the armpit of America, that’s about an hour outside of Tulsa. My natural reaction was heavy skepticism, having spent considerable time in Pryor, however, apparently the little town has more to offer than Mrs. Skitzzo’s old employer and some of the world’s best Mexican food (I miss you Las Fuentes!).

“On Wednesday Google announced it is building a $600 million data center in South Carolina, and they also have a $600 million data center going up in North Carolina. A key factor in both cases was a large, cheap supply of water and electricity, something the Mid-America Industrial Park in Pryor also has.”

But, while the 5 locals with internet access stir themselves into a frenzy over the possibility of the search giant’s impending arrival, Google has decided to play things a bit closer to the vest.

“We’re evaluating this exciting opportunity but have not announced our decision or made final plans,” said Google spokesman Ricardo Reyes.

Google, quite possibly the most revolutionary company in the history of the internet, could soon have a facility in Pryor, Oklahoma… After the break, hell has apparently frozen over, and pigs have been spotted flying across the Atlantic. Next, on your news on 6!

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