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Get Paid to Guest Post

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I got a request to pass on the fact that (great SEO domain name) is looking for guest bloggers. While that’s hardly anything new I decided to post about it because they will pay you for your posts. They don’t list a price, but on their “Write for

Lorena “Cutts” Bobbitt

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matt cutts cutsAfter years of hiding, webmasters now know Matt's true identity. More...

Linkbait (cartoon)

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LinkbaitCheck out the full-size cartoon at the SEO Refugee blog

Rand Fishkin Interview: A Response

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A couple of weeks ago I published a post that brought up serious issues that I felt needed to be addressed by SEOmoz and Rand in particular. Despite my best efforts to focus on actions rather than character or motives, I felt the main points were largely ignored in

Rand & SEOmoz: Unprofessional and Irresponsible Actions

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I’m sure this isn’t going to be popular but I’d ask anyone reading this to hold off making a judgment on this until you read the entire post. In fact, I’ve written three different versions of this post each one less passionate and less direct than I would like.