Enjoy it!

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Well, its half past 3pm (GMT-6) on December 23rd. I was going to write an article for the blog and then realized… its Christmas… relax. So, I went trolling around a bit. I visited an old stomping ground and read through a lot of my old posts there… we

Are Local Google, Yahoo, and MSN currently important? If not…what is?

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An escalating amount of news in the search engine industry discusses the growth and importance of local search. The industry and various business commentators have described this as an area with multi-billions of dollars of anticipated growth. I haven’t looked at the numbers recently, but the aggregate estimated value


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Well, due to time constraints placed on me by my “real” job, I didn’t have time to write up a new article today. I did however get some time to rework my Irregular Content article. I think I focused it a bit more and (hopefully) made it an easier


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Well, RMC got featured on technorati.com today and apparently got a ton of traffic from it. Well, we might as well at least register right?

Google’s Irregular Content Filter… a theory of Google’s expectations

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You may even hear people say that it’s good to keep fresh content on your site. But, how much of a difference does fresh content actually make? I’d argue, bigger than you might think. But more importantly, posting fresh content on an irregular basis can damage your rankings more