The Election via Google

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This time of year it’s hard to avoid the latest most up-to-date polling numbers telling you which political candidate is winning or which party is in the lead. We’ve got political pundits coming out of the wood-work and each one of them has a different take on the whole

An Open Letter to SEO Bloggers: Back up Your Statements!

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Dear SEO Bloggers, I’ve been reading SEO blogs for quite some time and while I appreciate the input you offer up on a regular basis, I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend. It seems that more and more of your posts state your opinions or theories, as facts. Now don’t

Google Protecting Privacy of American…. Horses

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It looks like Google has really taken notice of the privacy concerns over their street view pictures… Hat tip to Mr. BabyMan

Go Vote!

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The SEOs fight fat challenge is over, and now it’s your turn… no I’m not saying you need to lose weight, I’m saying that you need to go vote for the winner. Sadly, I’m not one of the two you can vote for. I lost as much as 10lbs

Theme Revisions: Let me know how it’s working

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OK, I know this doesn’t look like a major change but I’ve been struggling all day with this WordPress theme. It has some new features that I’d like to offer in the themes we sell over at Blogging Experiment and I’d like all the input I can get on