State of the Refuge…

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Well… its been a long time coming but its time again for a State of the Refugee post.

Well, we are closing in on our 200th member and our 20,000th post. That blows me away. It really seems like not all that long ago when we were starting up.

What should you be watching for? Well, we are still trying to get our Design and Usability section going. Also, I have a couple of ideas for new cartoons but I don’t know how much time Pops will have for a while.

Also, our photo contest will be going on this week. There have only been two or three entries but hey, its still a contest right? Oh, and as I am typing this Duke is losing to LSU so I am officially out of the March Madness Pick’em contest we have going. That is a pretty big prize package of links too. Stupid Duke! I should know better than to pick Duke… I can’t stand them and thats what I get for betraying my gut. I hope that doesn’t hold true for the Cardinals and FanForHire….

Anyway, for interesting threads… I’d check out the Copyright thread, and maybe this new thread started by Earl Pearl. I always enjoy his threads.

Other than that… I dont really have much. I’ve been busy in the car business and frankly I miss SEO. I’m off to catch up on posts from the past week. Until next time….