Hilarious but Unfortunate Search Ads

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Reuben’s discovery that Ebay is once again selling “Black People for Less” reminded me of a few of my favorite search ads. Now obviously these are all the result of massive pay-per-click campaigns that use broad matching to bid on millions of terms. Even knowing all that, I still get a kick out of them. Here are a few of my favorites:

When searching for marijuana on Yahoo you’ll be happy to know that Half.com thinks that’s exactly “what you need” and is willing to help you save when buying it.

Unfortunate Search Ads - Marijuana

Not to be outdone, eBay apparently think false advertising is ok so when you search for a wife on Yahoo, you’ll notice the auction site promises that you can “Find exactly what you WANT today.” Psssht! Riiight. (Love you hun!)

Unfortunate Search Ads - A Wife

Now, I like to think I’m as open minded as the next guy (I’m probably not but I like to think I am) but this next one has me more than a bit skeptical. You see, not only does ShopZilla claim to be selling eternal life, but they also promise you can “have it all” while you’re at it. Is it me or does that seem a lot easier than what we’ve been taught?

Unfortunate Search Ads - Eternal Life

And of course, my personal favorite, when searching for cheap women on Google (and hey, who doesn’t, right?) you’ll likely be treated to quite possibly the most poorly worded ad in history, brought to you by the nice folks at BizRate.com.

Unfortunate Search Ads - Cheap Women

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